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Poppy The Label
The story behind Poppy:

All items you find with us are handmade with a lot of love. In the middle of the corona time, Daykota Dee started Poppy The Label, her mission: to make handmade items affordable for a wider audience.

Everyone deserves to feel good in a lovingly made item. Behind all our beautiful products are beautiful stories and people. For example, with each item you will receive a card with the name of the person who lovingly made your item for you.

Our contribution to a sustainable world:
All items are handmade, so our stocks are not large, but very special. Take our blouses, for example, made from 100% organic cotton from Turkey. Daykota itself went in search of a cotton farmer who works honestly, without toxic substances. We make the prints on our blouses ourselves and for this we use ecological cotton paint.

Our packages are not mailed every day, but on fixed days a week, with this we prevent unnecessary emissions. In addition, all packages are packed in eco-friendly shipping bags.

As you read, we are putting our best foot forward to be as sustainable as possible, we are not there yet but we are well on our way =)

We wish you and your beautiful item a lot of fun wearing

Poppy The label